How having a website can help your business through lockdown

COVID-19 is, at least for the foreseeable future, here to stay. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to make long term preparations for your business and ensure it can prosper in these uncertain times.


Online presence is more important than ever. According to Google trends, the UK’s interest in online shopping has spiked since lockdown and remains higher than it was before lockdown began. Now, as we enter another one and non-essential stores have to close their doors, people turn to websites more than ever. Around 93% of households have access to the internet in the UK, and it is considered a standard rather than a luxury in an average home.


So how can being online – and more importantly, being noticed online - help your business?



Accessibility to customers


The internet is available 24/7, so customers don’t need to wait for opening times for your business. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to have an accessible, professional looking website to welcome your customers, just as you would welcome them in person. First impressions are important, and if your website is dull or hard to navigate, people will be easily turned off no matter what services you are offering.



Building and securing trust


More and more people are using the internet when they might not have otherwise. it’s important that potential customers feel they can trust your website to make their purchases, and having a professional website and email address expands the range of your customers and give them peace of mind.





Webinars are becoming more and more popular with businesses. A webinar is an online seminar where people from all over the world can attend and engage like a real-time conversation. They are used for training events and presentations etc.

Steel Studios helped company Yes Tax to organize and market a Webinar that reached over 100 people. Every step of the process Steel Studios aided: they provided marketing services, customized a system suitable for Yes Tax and recorded the event for archive purposes. The webinar is still available to view on Yes Tax’s website.



Utilise online booking systems


The shop UK Bullion was preparing to reopen after the first lockdown’s restrictions began to ease. They required an online booking system to ensure government guidelines were being adhered to whilst still keeping it open and accessible to customers. Steel Studios prepared a bespoke and comprehensive booking system that both customers and employees could use easily.



Digital marketing


Correspondence through paperless methods to customers is fast becoming the norm. Digital marketing for businesses provides multiple ways to keep customers updated and informed: this is particularly important as Government guidelines have the potential to change very suddenly, and digital communication provides the fastest and safest way to keep people updated whilst staying safe. The company Ramskill Martin wished to update their physical newsletters to digital ones, as well as for their database of contacts to receive relevant marketing information. Steel Studios converted their former database into an online CRM system that enabled a far easier service to connect with their contacts via Email and social media marketing.



We’re here to help your business blossom


In these uncertain times, Steel Studios can help your business either get online or get an even better online presence. We offer a variety of services, to cater for a variety of needs that can be tailored to you and your business.


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