Email Marketing

Build credibility, increase traffic generate sales. Email Marketing.

Email marketing is an incredibly effective tool to raise the profile of your business in a quick and cost-effective way. Building credibility, generating sales, strengthening client relationships and improving communication are among many of the benefits that email marketing can bring your business. Steel Studios can help you create the perfect email marketing campaign unique to your business needs.


We create new and relevant content for each email marketing campaign, tailored exactly to your needs. We carefully craft persuasive copy to increase traffic through to your website. We think about everything: from the subject line, to the body of the email, to the images used.

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Landing Page

Email campaigns work best when they are directed to a specific, bespoke landing page. The place customers land after receiving your email plays a huge role in driving conversions from your email marketing efforts. Steel Studios will create a bespoke landing page that links perfectly with your email marketing campaign.


Analysing an email campaign is almost as important as the campaign itself. We will tell you exactly who is clicking your links, which campaigns are reaching the most people and we can work out when is the best time to send out emails to generate the most engagement from your target audience. Proper analysis can increase your ROI on an already cost-effective campaign strategy.  

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