4 Ways to Help Retain Website Users
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When creating and maintaining a website your goal should be to inform, engage and provide a user friendly design that want's users to constantly return to your site. You may find it hard to keep customers from fleeting from your site, but these 5 tips will be sure to point you in the right direction. This tips should help you in investing customers in your products and services; Google search engine will also value your page highly upon the improved traffic you receive to your site. 

Google ranks your site via the more people you have visit it. This means you'll be able to not only keep your old customers but also attack a whole new group of potential customers. If this process continues to happen regularly and you gain a firm grasp on it, you will find that you website will become manageable and continuously advancing.


If you want users to retain interest in your site then you must include high quality content. The content must be well written and genuine using appropriate headings, keyword distributions, links and many more. There would be no point in having a exceptional website design that provides poor content. Users will more than likely look to your website for up to date content. If your business is in relation to technology and you provide blogs, then users will expect up to date blogs, that provide genuine information that informs the user. 

If users find your content to be misleading, confusing or not genuine then this will effect the companies image. Opening a website opens a door to a massive market of users and customers so you must take into consideration that actions necessary to keep customers happy. If you have an About Page, make sure you provide all the information necessary to inform customers of your brand and possible location.

It's always good practice to make sure you check through your website on a regular basis and keep content up to date. You can then continue to grow your image with professional, well optimized content marketing. Maintaining a consistent, interesting blog will make you stand out from competitors and put you into a great position!


You may have spent a lot of money on your website design and creation, but having poor quality images implemented, will result in undermining all the effort put into the site. It is recommended to hire a professional photographer who will be able to provide these high quality images, tailored to the design of your website. You can find some professional images online that are free however, the search is more limited and it maybe hard to find photos specific to your business. Also having your own specific images will make you stand out from other business that may also be using the same ones.

Taking photos that work around your design is a good idea. Making sure you either get photos taken or buy ones with a large enough resolution to fit the requirements of your website. There isn't much worse than going onto a website finding images that are blurry and don't fit the screen as they should. This again will play a roll in customers returning to your site. If images are professional and appealing, it will reflect on how customer perceive your business. 

Logical utilization

With content comes design and without a good design you cannot pleasingly show that content to customers. It is vital that you use your resources logically and utilize features effectively to add to the overall design of your professional site. You website must be easily accessible from a user point of view, allow people to navigate to certain pages with no effort. What you don't want is a customer struggling to find information on your site (e.g an About Page), this will result in a loss of customers as it would be frustrating.

Important things to consider are a clear, not cluttered navigational bar that allow users to easily get to the location they need. All locations must provide the correct information but also must be displayed in a way that is informing, presentable and easy for the user to read. Information such as contact details must be easy to obtain, so making sure these are accessible to the user are vital.

Mobile friendly

Having a versatile well disposed mobile structure, enables mobile clients to get to the web at whatever point they need and enables your website to be progressively available. Almost everyone now in 2019 has a smartphone, enabling clients to surf the web when they aren't able to access their PC or Laptop. Having a website that is not mobile friendly, will result in guests to relinquish from and search for another. This is why so many websites are now created with responsive designs, to be made available at any time, with any device. 

Having a responsive design means that when the website is perused from a phone or tablet, it changes from a even design to a vertical configuration, bringing on a different display of content and pictures. It will change the website to fit the screen of the device utilized, contracting pictures and content sizes rather than keeping a constant structure. This will improve the users experience by providing a less demanding method for navigating the website.

Google also identifies if a website is mobile friendly and favors them when displaying search results. This plays a massive part in the marketing of your business and increasing your customers. 

Looking for a website?

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14 February 2019 12:00 am